'I Know exercise will help me to get in shape and make me feel great about myself, but I feel it's such a chore. I have so many things going on in my life, I just haven't got the energy, the time or the motivation to do it. I think I am destined to feel frumpy'

Does this sound like you?

If so, we’re here to help you to stop feeling bleurgh about your body and how you feel.

Imagine a life where you wake up in the morning feeling energised and feeling strong in your mind and body to handle yet another busy day. Feeling gorgeous in your clothes and walk into a room with confidence.

At Mercedes Fitness, we provide powerful and uplifting exercise workouts to music. Our passion is helping ladies just like you, who need a motivational and supportive group to establish a positive relationship with exercise, which means they’ll never find exercise a chore and instead make exercise stick in their lives.

Learn how to make exercise stick

Whatever the workout, our mission is to make each one ‘enjoyable’. Yes, enjoyable!

Uplifting music, caring instructors (no GI Janes here), and a bunch of sociable ladies… all the ingredients needed to encourage you not to give up on exercising, leading to long-lasting success. I bet you’re wondering whether this is the real deal?! Improve your body shape, mood and coordination with one of our dance fitness programs, and achieve a stiffness free body with better muscle tone and strength by joining one of our strength-conditioning or stretching workouts.

And, if receiving our weekly taught workouts is not a big enough boot, then how about this? We also provide another dose of PMA (that's Positive Mental Attitude and not Premenstrual Anxiety) through our weekly motivational blog. All our inspiring advice and practical tools are offered to ensure that you keep your mind on the right track to achieve a body that you are proud of and a life where you’re in control of your health and well-being.

You’re in safe hands

Best Teacher Mentor

Best Teacher Mentor

We are a small but mighty team of dedicated and experienced fitness professionals, whose aim is to welcome every lady to the club and offer you a warm and friendly service that will put you at ease and help you to find your mojo.

Founded in 2011, by an aspiring woman fitness professional who needed a fitness home to deliver group exercise sessions to women like herself, who didn’t favour the gym. Thankfully, she found a selection of inviting community venues, in and around the Ammanford area - a fairly small town, situated in the beautiful green Welsh countryside.

Known for her warmth, energy and love of music and movement, Mercedes has been nominated twice as ‘best mentor’ for the Carmarthen Journal Community Awards (2013 & 2015).     Yo-yoing with her own body shape, health  and confidence, combined with her twelve years experience in the fitness industry, Mercedes has helped to transform the health and well-being of hundreds of ladies, from all walks of life and currently serves over 200 ladies, both live and online.

She is relentless in her mission to help women, especially mums and young grandmothers to develop a positive mindset and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Also being a mum of two, children's fitness and developing their self-esteem is also very dear to Mercedes. Back in 2013, she co-founded a unique dance fitness class for children - Lil’ Disco Movers.

Anthony Peynado

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Mercedes’ wonderful and supportive husband Anthony, is MF's lead on web design and strategy. Also a self-confessed geek and fitness professional, his 15 years experience in gym and fitness studio management has helped to build Mercedes Fitness into the successful ladies fitness community club that it has become today. He is passionate about his family, fishing, self-improvement and life!


It’s time to take action! 

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